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The Politics Of Lebanon


The viperous politics of Lebanon continues well, being viperous. The prime
minister of the country, Fuad Siniora, who basically stood by Hezbollah
even though it had brought war and ruin to his country, has now been
rewarded for his good-will towards the terror camp. Or was it just
stupidity? In any case, yesterday in southern Beirut and today in a
written statement in A-Safir, Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah called on his
Hezbollah followers "not to shy away from a civil war." And since his
followers seem to be catatonic and his putative allies--Nabih Berri of Amal
(another, "more moderate" Shi'a group); Emile Lahud, the Christian
pro-Syrian president of the country--afraid of him, they might go the way
of fratricide as an expression of their habits of bloodlust. There may be
an article about this in tomorrow's papers. But here it is in Ha'aretz
today, with the headline, "Lenanon's PM vows to resist Hezbollah's
'tyranny of the minority'." Oh, how brave Siniora is now, with a third of
the cabinet having quit ... when he should have dismissed them all for
fighting a war with Israel in the name of a country that did not want that

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