Stand By Your Man

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In their interview with Sean Hannity on Fox News tonight, Rudy Giuliani and his wife Judith completely fled from the notion that she would have a policy role in his administration. "I'm not political," Judith said, "and so, no, I know that I would never do that sort of thing." And so what would her role be?

If we're fortunate enough to have Rudy serve the American people, Sean, I would, again, continue to take care of him. And to support him in any of the endeavors that he needs my support in.

Glad we cleared that up. But Mrs. Giuliani seemed to me halting and uncomfortable, speaking from a script as cautiously as possible. Her forced smile reminded me at times of Nancy Pelosi's shakier performances. I genuinely feel badly for political spouses thrust reluctantly into a harsh media spotlight. But I'm not sure she's going to be a PR asset for her husband. Somewhere Manny "waiting for Princess" Papir is chuckling.

--Michael Crowley

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