'Mad Men' Mondays: 'The Good News'
August 08, 2010

This is the new column in TNR’s weekly series of"Mad Men" episode recaps. Caution: It contains spoilers. Click here for last week's review. An episode of a post-"Sopranos" quality cable series often focuses less on the plot and more on the psychology of its characters, the sociology of its setting, and a vividly evoked sense of place. That's why, when fellow viewers ask me to name a "best" episode of such programs, I am often not sure what to say. On a show like "Mad Men," the individual chapters are all of a piece.

Must-Read Classic Kinsley
April 15, 2010

Today TNR is featuring one of my all-time favorite articles -- "The Mystery Of The Free Lunch" by Michael Kinsley, published in 1981. It's very difficult to describe this piece. The basic argument of the piece is that, while supply-side economics claims that tax rates on the rich play a crucial role in aligning incentives, a massive amount of consumption by the rich is actually tax-free.

The Mystery of the Free Lunch
May 23, 1981

Michael Kinsley on swanky business expenses.