Beyoncé's Instagram Photos From the Anne Frank House Are Appropriately Provocative
March 20, 2014

It is disturbing to see Beyoncé putting on a sad-face because the topic, for an hour, was the Holocaust. But it's also appropriate.

Tea Time For Tories: What David Cameron and John Boehner Have in Common
January 17, 2013

David Cameron, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, is in a bind. Not because recent opinion polls put his party a dozen points behind Labour and not even, really, because the British economy continues to splutter along in search of a long overdue recovery.

A Memorial Taste Tour of Twinkies and Other Hostess Cakes
November 19, 2012

As a child, she was forbidden from eating Twinkies. How do they taste, now that she's an adult and Hostess has collapsed?

Washington State Proves It’s More Liberal than Amsterdam
November 07, 2012

Washington state ain't no Canada or Amsterdam. In fact, as of yesterday, it's even more liberal.

Why I Moved to Staten Island -- and Why, After Hurricane Sandy, I Went Back
November 04, 2012

On Saturday afternoon, I drove to Staten Island not knowing whether my house still stood. So far the only report I’d had came from my friend Anya, who hadn't seen my house but said that poles and trees were lying around my street. I felt guilty about not going there earlier, but there was the question of transportation, then the question of a car, finding gas for the car, and finding somebody to drive me. I felt guilty for neglecting my house during the hurricane, even though I had abandoned it two months prior to that.

Stanley Kauffmann on Films: Worlds and Their Women
August 24, 2012

Meet the Fokkens Mosquita y Mari Dreams of a Life Rob Schröder and Gabrielle Provaas, Dutch film-makers, are lucky. They have found what can only be called a knockout subject for a documentary—identical twin sisters, now in their seventies, who have spent their lives as prostitutes in Amsterdam. The sisters even have a name that, for Anglophone viewers, has a special edge: the picture is called Meet the Fokkens.

Vienna Offers a Glimpse of the ‘Next Metropolis’
May 03, 2012

“Smart cities” is the urban buzz phrase of the last few years, and fans often turn to European cities for inspiration. From Amsterdam’s bike lanes to Copenhagen’s wind power, from Barcelona’s 22@ innovation district to Berlin’s dramatic redevelopment, European examples abound.

Secret Service Sex: The TV Show
April 25, 2012

Two indicators I use to confirm whether a brewing government scandal is a trivial media circus are a.) Whether Mitt Romney feels inspired to utter the phrase "clean house"; and b.) Whether Sen.

Powerless Structures Fig. 11 (Sanne)
March 29, 2012

HER FUNERAL is in Sankt Johannes nine years after his. THAT GOLDSMUGGLER she fell in love with in Amsterdam is how he appears in her eulogy. BLUSH NO I never saw her blush. OPEN BOAT driving rain we go on a tour of the harbor she sits unprotected smoking. I FIRST met her on the telephone you don’t know me she said but your brother has just died in my bathroom. APPARENTLY THEY’D been married 17 years. WHAT’S THAT sound oh the dog you have a dog yes we have a dog no I have a dog. HER STORIES of his stubbornness fears Xmas dinners dope dog kindness to her mad mother and refusal to talk about the

The Thought Police
March 14, 2012

Silenced: How Apostasy and Blasphemy Codes Are Choking Freedom WorldwideBy Paul Marshall and Nina Shea (Oxford University Press, 448 pp., $35) I.