Thomson on Films: Cliff Robertson and the Sordid Ways of Old Hollywood
September 15, 2011

Cliff Robertson died the other day. He was 88, and I suppose he was what is called an establishment figure. Long ago he had won an Oscar for his performance in Charly (1968) about a retarded man who is given an experimental drug that lets him find genius (and his doctor, Claire Bloom) but then slips back to being a fool, and he was perfectly OK in the film if you can manage to sit through it now, in which case you may surmise that nearly any actor in that begging role might have won the Oscar.

So Much For Antioch
June 19, 2007

Antioch College simply passed out. Not exactly from drugs. But it might just have been from drugs. In the sixties, when colleges and universities were bashing into each other doing educational reform, Antioch was the model for many. In the late fifties, when I was applying to college, an Antioch alumnus told me--with pride--that his school had the most active Labor Youth League in America. Wow. The most active Communist front in America. Communism was tame by the late 60's. Antioch expanded so exponentially that it actually had 32 campuses. Or is it campi?