Antonin Scalia

How Conservative Supreme Court Justices Harmed Their Own Anti-Obamacare Cause
March 06, 2015

What evokes coercion better than a bunch of states scrambling to do something they didn't want?

Antonin Scalia Used This Wrongful Conviction to Defend the Death Penalty
September 04, 2014

Now that the accused are free, does he still think the death penalty is wise?

Obamacare Lawsuits Just Suffered a Big Setback
What it means and how the legal challenge could play out
September 04, 2014

The challenge lives, but its vital signs are looking a lot worse.

The Separation of Church and State Is Still Alive—for Children, Anyway
Why did the Supreme Court decline to hear Elmbrook School District v. Doe?
June 17, 2014

Why did the Supreme Court decline to hear Elmbrook School District v. Doe?

Scalia's Epic Blunder Exposes His Partisan Hackery
May 01, 2014

Antonin Scalia screwed up big time, and seemingly every elite American law scholar is completely aghast.In the course of dissenting against the six-justice majority, which affirmed the EPA's authority to regulate coal emissions that cross state lines

Sonia Sotomayor Is a National Treasure
'The Sotomayor Style' is how America should talk about fairness
April 24, 2014

The justice's brilliant dissent didn't win out over her conservative colleagues. But its wise words about race and fairness distilled the issue in ways that will affect anyone who reads it.

Liberals Should Be Happy About the Supreme Court's Affirmative Action Decision
April 22, 2014

It's entirely in keeping with the judicial restraint we've been urging right-wing justices to observe. And it could have been much worse.