Apple Inc.

The Nude Celebrity Photo Theft Should Scare You More Than the NSA Does
September 02, 2014

Be very afraid, Apple and Google users.

Steve Jobs Is A Ninja
September 14, 2010

File this under "news stories I did not see coming": Apple Inc. Chief Executive Officer Steve Jobs said he’ll never return to Japan after officials at an airport barred him from taking Ninja throwing stars aboard his private plane, SPA! magazine reported in its latest issue. A security scan at Kansai International Airport, near Osaka, detected the weapons inside the executive’s carry-on luggage in July as he was returning home to the U.S.

How Green Is That Laptop?
January 05, 2009

It's never that surprising to hear that some companies aren't nearly as "green" as they claim to be, but sometimes the examples are worth examining in detail.