Avik Roy

Here's What Really Separates Conservatives and Liberals in the Obamacare Debate
December 12, 2013

Republicans and their supporters continue to fuss about the limited physician choice and relatively high deductibles that shoppers on the new Obamacare marketplaces are finding.

Five Things We Know About Obamacare—And One We Don't
September 06, 2013

It’s been an interesting few days for those of us following Obamacare. Three new studies came out—one each from Avalere Health, the Kaiser Family Foundation, and the Manhattan Institute.

Obama Made a Misleading Statement About Obamacare Rates
August 12, 2013

President Obama got pretty worked up about his health care law during Friday’s press conference. And it's not surprising.

Gaming Out a Mixed SCOTUS Decision
June 20, 2012

As recently as a week ago, everybody watching the Supreme Court seemed convinced of one thing: The justices had made up their minds about the Affordable Care Act. They hadn’t issued a decision and, perhaps, they were fine-tuning the legal arguments they would make in their written opinions. But they knew how they were ruling. They just weren't telling anybody about it. Now a new rumor is making the rounds: Five justices have decided to invalidate the individual mandate but they have not settled on what else, if anything, to invalidate along with it. Does the story have any basis in fact?

A Primer on Possible Obamacare Decisions (Updated)
June 18, 2012

[Updated at 10:30 a.m.] The Supreme Court handed down four rulings on Monday—and said nothing about the Affordable Care Act.  The Court will likely have more decisions to issue on Thursday, although that's not yet certain. But the justices may not issue a ruling on the Affordable Care Act until next Monday, their final pre-scheduled session of the term. And even next Monday isn't a hard deadline.

Yet Another GOP Talking Point Falling Apart
March 08, 2012

Conservatives are seizing on a number in the president’s new budget, claiming it shows, once again, that the Affordable Care Act will substantially increase the deficit. They did so late last week, just as the Rush Limbaugh controversy was exploding, so few people have noticed. But it’s the type of claim sure to become a staple of Republican Party talking points.

How Conservative Judges Just Provided the Most Authoritative Legal Defense of Obamacare
November 12, 2011

Editor's Note: This article has been updated to reflect the Supreme Court's announcement that it would hear a case challenging the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act. As President Obama’s Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act has wound its way through the justice system, courts have split on the issue of whether the Act passes constitutional muster. On Monday, the Supreme Court announced that it would resolve the matter once and for all, agreeing to hear a challenge to the law that would set the stage for a ruling that will likely come in the middle of the 2012 election campaig

Daily Deadline: Mississippi v. Birth Control
October 26, 2011

[with contributions from Matt O’Brien and Darius Tahir] When does life begin? Mississippi voters get to answer that question this fall, thanks to a ballot proposal that would define life as beginning at conception. It’s Initiative 26 in the November election. Proponents call it the “Personhood Amendment.” Yesterday I flagged an article by Michelle Goldberg, in the Daily Beast, pointing out one possible consequence of the law: The banning of many in vitro fertilization techniques. The measure could prohibit not only the destruction of unused embryos but also the freezing of them.

The Conservative Assault on Medicaid
March 10, 2011

The right wing’s attack on government insurance programs has taken a novel and brash twist: Conservatives have started arguing that people on Medicaid would be better off with no insurance whatsoever.

Why GOP Governors Should Love Medicaid
March 08, 2011

Republicans governors have spent a lot of time lately beating up on Medicaid--threatening to drop out of the program altogether or, at the very least, lobbying for more flexibility over how to manage the program within their states. Harold Pollack, writing for TNR, wonders whether they’ve thought through the implications for politics as well as policy:  Consider what would happen if Texas governor Rick Perry, who has mused about dropping Medicaid entirely, could do what he wanted. Talking about dropping Medicaid might attract attention for Perry’s new book.