Benjamin Netanyahu

Pope Francis's Speech to Congress Will Backfire on Republicans
September 22, 2015

The timing couldn't be worse for the GOP, given its outburst of Islamophobia.

Republicans Who Oppose the Iran Deal Are Making Promises They Can’t Keep
August 11, 2015

They say Obama could get a "better deal," but what do they know about diplomacy? Next to nothing.

Democrats Shouldn’t Be Afraid to Criticize Israel in 2016
June 17, 2015

Michael Oren has fired a warning shot at would-be presidential contenders.

Sheldon Adelson Turns Israel Into 'The Walking Dead'
May 14, 2015

Behold, the "only zombie democracy in the Middle East"!

Republicans Are Responsible for Netanyahu Now
March 24, 2015

Speaker Boehner, care to comment on his race-baiting?

What Netanyahu Will Say About Arabs 9,738 Days From Now
March 23, 2015

Walking back his pre-election comments for years to come.

Nicolas Sarkozy Is Pulling a Netanyahu Ahead of the French Elections
March 20, 2015

The former president has veered right ahead of Sunday's vote.

Benjamin Netanyahu Will Not Win Another Election
March 18, 2015

And four other takeaways from Israel's contest.

Netanyahu Has Been Rewarded for Blatantly Disrespecting the U.S. and the United Nations
March 18, 2015

What Netanyahu's reelection means for the U.S. and the global community.

C-List Celebrities Won't Help Netanyahu in the Israeli Elections
March 17, 2015

Bibi's American ties are no more helpful in getting out the vote than Chuck Norris’s name is in selling box office tickets.