Bernie Sanders

Hillary vs. Bernie Will Decide the Future of the American Left
October 13, 2015 1:30 PM

Hillary vs. Bernie will decide the future of the American Left. The fight begins with Tuesday's Democratic debate.

Bernie Sanders Should Go Big on Foreign Policy in the Democratic Debate
October 13, 2015 9:16 AM

He recently emphasized his vote against the Iraq war. Will he attack Hillary Clinton on it directly?

Will Tuesday's Democratic Debate Ignore the Political Reality in Washington?
October 13, 2015 8:09 AM

It’s quite possible that neither Clinton nor Sanders is up to the task of intimidating Republicans.

Everything You Need to Know About Tuesday's Democratic Debate
October 12, 2015

What time is it? Will Bernie and Hillary do battle? Or will you fall asleep?

Has Bernie Sanders Lost His Edge on Climate Issues?
October 09, 2015

He was supposed to be environmentalists' champion. What happened?

Forget Donald Trump. Latinos Only Matter for Democrats in 2016.
October 09, 2015

This Hispanic vote won't decide the general election, but the Democratic primary is a different story.

Hillary Clinton's Wall Street Reform Plan Is to the Right of Bernie Sanders'
October 08, 2015

And some parts of her proposal might not achieve the desired result, experts warn.

The Democratic Party Isn’t as Racist as the GOP. That’s Not Saying Much.
October 02, 2015

The Democratic Party isn't as progressive as you think.

This Louisiana Rapper Claims He Started the Bernie Craze
October 02, 2015

And he just released a new song endorsing the presidential candidate: “Feel the Bern."

Bernie Sanders Isn't Crazy to Court Evangelicals. But Here's Why It's a Tough Sell.
September 14, 2015

There's a case for Christian democratic socialism—but legal abortion, too?