Brad Johnson

To Tackle Climate Change, You Have To Actually Tackle Climate Change
June 16, 2010

It's hard to disagree with Ezra Klein about this, in reaction to Obama's oil-spill address last night: I'm just not sure how you do a response to climate change if you can't really say the words "climate change." And that's where we are right now: The actual problem we're trying to solve is politically, if not scientifically, controversial.

New Video Suggests Gulf Spill Far Worse Than Thought
May 14, 2010

Yesterday, NPR's Richard Harris had an important Gulf scoop—the oil spill may be much, much larger than both BP and the U.S. government have been saying. Here's Brad Johnson's follow-up: Based on “sophisticated scientific analysis of seafloor video made available Wednesday,” Steve Wereley, an associate professor at Purdue University, told NPR the actual spill rate of the BP oil disaster is about 3 million gallons a day — 15 times the official guess of BP and the federal government.

The House And Senate Climate Bills, Side By Side
May 12, 2010

Brad Johnson of ThinkProgress has a nice chart showing all the ways in which Kerry and Lieberman's Senate climate bill differs from the bill the House passed last June. All told, the two bills are surprisingly similar, but I'd say the most significant differences are these: --The Senate bill refunds a greater share of the proceeds from selling carbon permits back to consumers—75 percent versus 45 percent in the House bill.

Oil Spill Not Changing Many Minds In Congress
May 10, 2010

So is the Gulf spill actually changing anyone's mind about offshore drilling? It depends where you're looking. In Florida, sure, it is. A handful of conservative state legislators have recently been rethinking their pro-drilling stance. Charlie Crist, who's running for the U.S. Senate, is now rethinking drilling. And, as Brad Johnson notes, GOP State Rep. Greg Evers was once a huge fan of putting up new rigs right near the Florida panhandle shore. Post-spill, though, he's starting to think the risk to the state's beaches isn't worth it: "You have to understand: this is our way of life.

Is The Senate Climate Proposal All That Different From The House Bill?
March 18, 2010

More details about the forthcoming Kerry-Graham-Lieberman climate bill are bubbling out.

South Dakota Makes A Play For Dumbest State In The Nation
February 26, 2010

Creationists have been trying to rewrite biology textbooks in Texas for years, so I guess this next step was inevitable.

Green Shoots: Koalas With Chlamydia Edition
September 29, 2009

A few Vine-esque stories from around the intertubes: — In recent weeks, a bunch of electric utilities have left the Chamber of Commerce due to its opposition to action on climate change. So, today, the Chamber felt the need to clarify: "We've never questioned the science behind global warming." It's a nice sentiment, but as Brad Johnson documents, it's not even sort of true. — Wow, this is horrible: Koala populations in Australia are vanishing thanks to an outbreak of chlamydia and some mysterious AIDS-like retrovirus.