brain cancer

Party Is Such Sweet Sorrow
September 04, 2009

Even before Ted Kennedy lost his battle with brain cancer late last month, Republicans were suggesting that health care reform had suffered in his absence--not because Kennedy was so devoted to the cause, but because he would have cut a deal with the Republicans. “In every case, he fought as hard as he could . . .

My Favorite Kennedy Reminiscence . . .
August 26, 2009

. . .  comes from "Steve in Chestnut Hill," who called in with this story to the Boston radio show "On Point": This is a day full of special memories for me. It happens, coincidentally, that exactly twelve years ago today, my late wife Francesca, who was a lifelong passionate supporter of Ted Kennedy, also died of brain cancer. And I remember the day we met Ted Kennedy. We had been working on his Senate campaign in the 80s and a party was given for the supporters. . . .

Does It Matter Who Succeeds Ted Kennedy?
August 23, 2009

I know this is kind of a gruesome exercise, but since Sen. Kennedy himself initiated the discussion, I think it's within bounds to think through the political implications of his possible death in the next few months. Simply put, last week's proposal--having the Massachusetts governor appoint a caretaker senator until a special election could be held five months hence--was a tactical mistake. Why? Pretty much everyone assumes Kennedy's major concern is health care.