Brian Schweitzer

Brian Schweitzer, Would-Be Liberal Hero, is an NRA Darling
January 08, 2014

He wants to run against Hillary from the left. His gun and environment records will make that tough.

The Nicest Thing You Can Say About Max Baucus
April 23, 2013

Senator Max Baucus is retiring. And that means you are about to read a lot of stories about how awful his tenure was, particularly for progressives.

Will We Miss David Stern’s Heavy Hands?
October 26, 2012

David Stern represented the contradictions of a liberal in power. A look at his legacy.

Schweitzer's Little Rebellion
August 28, 2008

An interesting tidbit from Ben Smith: The Obama campaign didn't originally plan on Brian Schweitzer delivering the barnburner he did. Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer said his show-stealing speech Tuesday night, which brought the crowd in Denver to its feet and made him the talk of the convention, was a last-minute improvisation that departed from the prepared remarks he'd agreed on with the Obama campaign. "We had a convention that went through the first day and didn't get anybody fired up," said Schweitzer, who spoke on the second evening after keynote speaker Mark Warner of Virginia.

Brian Schweitzer Is Your Barack Obama
August 27, 2008

DENVER --Though Hillary Clinton gave an extraordinary address yesterday night--relaxed and emotive and far more impassioned than at the fine auto-eulogy I saw her deliver in June--I'd like to declare Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer the MVP of Tuesday night. Not only was Schweitzer's delivery emphatic and simple--his mien was entirely genuine, a reality only enhanced by his bolo tie.

The Democrats Strike Back
August 27, 2008

David Kusnet was chief speechwriter for former President Bill Clinton from 1992 through 1994. He is the author of Love the Work, Hate the Job: Why America's Best Workers Are Unhappier than Ever. Before the 2004 Democratic convention, I drafted a speech for a client. Intent on running a "positive" campaign, John Kerry's message-meisters scrubbed the speech of even the mildest and most factual criticisms of the Bush Administration's record.

December 11, 2006

Lindsey: Progressives should ally with the Cato Institute.

Double Enmity
October 02, 2006

If they didn’t hate each other so much, David Sirota and Dan Gerstein might be friends. They certainly have a lot in common. Both are in their thirties. Both are Jewish. And both are Democratic operatives. But their greatest similarity is their shared love of vicious political combat.