Brice Hortefeux

What Can France Teach Us About Botched Immigration Policies?
September 03, 2010

On both sides of the Atlantic, it has been an uncomfortable summer for immigrant groups. Here in the United States there have been the quarrels over the "Ground Zero Mosque," “anchor babies,” and Arizona’s new illegal immigrant bill (not to mention yet more calls for the deportation of our “Muslim” president to his “native” Kenya by the surprisingly large proportion of the Republican Party that seems to have taken up permanent residence on Planet Zorg).

Black and Blue
June 21, 2010

Last week I wrote about the self-destruction of the French team, though even I did not expect things to get as bad as they have. (Could anyone?) Yes, the French as a nation like to go on strike, but the current meltdown is unprecedented and humiliating. But I wonder if the full extent of this mutiny may have a more damaging impact than an intense blush. A recent poll in France—and one poll is only indicative of one poll—revealed that, compared with earlier surveys, French racism is on the rise.

L’Affaire to Remember
April 21, 2010

Paris The impish headlines in Le Canard enchaîné, the satirical weekly that happens to be the most informative newspaper in France, rarely translate well. An exception might be the recent front-page lead: “SARKO EST D’UNE RUMEUR MASSACRANTE.” This play on the expression être d’une humeur massacrante—roughly, “angry enough to kill”—concerns the distemper of Nicolas Sarkozy over a certain rumeur massacrante (“foul rumor”) swirling around the French president’s two-year marriage to former supermodel Carla Bruni.