Bristol Palin

Progress on HIV, But Will It Last?
July 16, 2010

[Guest post by Harold Pollack] On Tuesday, the Obama administration released its National HIV/AIDS Strategy. It's imperfect, but its authors should be proud. Whatever criticisms one may have of this administration, its policy analysts are allowed to discuss serious problems as mature adults, with a minimum of the embarrassing oversimplification, euphemism, or blatant political shading.

Leave Bristol Alone
March 12, 2009

With the caveat that by merely writing this I'm contributing to the problem I'm about to denounce, but would the media--and that means everyone from Andrew Sullivan to the Associated Press--please leave Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston alone now? In case you haven't heard, their engagement is off. I suppose that's newsworthy--if only because their engagement itself was once news--but I think it's important to remember that we're talking about two teenagers, neither of whom did anything to put themselves in the public spotlight.