Stephen Harper Turned Canada Into a Climate Villain. An Election Won't Change That.
September 09, 2015

All three parties are still trying to compete to be the energy industry’s best friend.

A Sign that Canada's Climate Obstructionism May Be Coming to an End
June 08, 2015

Canada is usually an adversary on climate change.

Trade Deals Are Giving Corporations the Power to Intimidate Tiny Countries
May 11, 2015

A giant Canadian mining corporation versus a village in El Salvador isn't a fair fight. 

A Message for the British Labour Party: Don't Ally With Separatists
May 10, 2015

It didn't work out in Canada, and it's not working out in Britain now.

How a Socialist Party Just Took Over the Texas of Canada
May 06, 2015

The deepest oil patch in North America is finally going to be governed by people who believe climate change is man-made. 

The Owners of the Keystone Pipeline Just Canceled a Project in Canada
April 02, 2015

The fate of the two pipelines are tied together.

Ted Cruz Shouldn't Be Ashamed of His Canadian Birthplace. It's a Lot Like Red-State America.
March 23, 2015

Calgary is as close as Canada gets to conservative America.

A Little Girl Died Because Canada Chose Cultural Sensitivity Over Western Medicine
January 21, 2015

A child's life should trump religious beliefs. Always.