Hurricane Irene Is About To Hit The East Coast. How Can Officials Ensure Evacuations?
August 25, 2011

This weekend will disappoint East Coasters hoping for a break from the recent spate of slightly-apocalyptic natural events. Earlier this week, the region was shaken and rattled; this weekend, it will be soaked and pounded by Hurricane Irene, a storm The Washington Post reports is “less than two days away from initiating a devastating blow to a large section of the East Coast.” When the storm makes landfall over the Carolinas, it is expected to bring along winds of over 100 mph—and in North Carolina’s Outer Banks, mandatory evacuations have already been ordered.

Ford At The Wire
November 06, 1976

Philadelphia--Six days before the end of this miserable presidential election campaign, Gerald Ford was half through a road trip that had turned out to be fundamentally phony. In glimpses caught on television screens at stops along the Ford route, Jimmy Carter appeared to be cautious to the point of fright and to be justifying the skepticism about him that reporters traveling with him reflected in published accounts and in conversations. A choice between this unimpressive pair being obligatory, I choose Carter.