Catholic Church

Fear of a Radical Pope
The conservative struggle for the future (and past) of the Catholic church
March 01, 2015

The conservative struggle for the future (and past) of the Catholic church.

Was the Vatican Shift on Same-Sex Marriage Really An 'Earthquake'?
October 14, 2014

Compared to what the Church was saying just a year or two ago, it is.

George Orwell's Brilliant Guide to Writing Well
September 16, 2014

Step One: Eliminate every cliche from your vocabulary.

The Catholic Church Prefers Medieval Barbarism to Modern Abortion
August 19, 2014

Women can be strapped down and force-fed until their fetus comes to term.

Yes, the Church Should Be Liable When Doctrines Interfere with Safe Medical Care for Women
New research into medical decisions at church-run facilities
January 01, 2014

A lawsuit blames the church, not the doctors, in an outrageously mishandled pregnancy. Research into medical decision-making suggests it's an appropriate target.

Pope Francis Versus the Vatican
The battle to remake the Church
August 18, 2013

Francis versus the Vatican.

On Our Cover: The Perestroika Pope
August 16, 2013

In this week's cover story, Damon Linker investigates how the man once known as Jorge Mario Bergoglio will change the future of Catholic Church. Since being elected Pope in March, Francis has heartened progressive Catholics with his focus on the poor

Pope Francis and the "Dirty War": The Video Testimony
Watch him talk about Argentina's controversial past
March 18, 2013

Since he became Pope Francis last week, questions have swirled about Jorge Bergoglio’s relationship with Argentina’s junta during the country’s "Dirty War," a period of military rule between 1976 and 1983.

When Pope Francis Testified About the Dirty War
In a closed hearing, he disputed accusations of complicity with the junta
March 14, 2013

What did he know?