Best Health Care News In A While
July 31, 2009

I've been getting a little nervous about the political trajectory of health care. This passage in Politico's story today ("The three Republicans on the Senate Finance Committee are under pressure from their leadership not to cut a deal too quickly, according to sources, and that message has been delivered frequently in recent weeks.") is especially vexing. I don't discount the possibility of getting a decent health care bill that has some Republican support.

Test Anxiety
June 03, 2009

What the banks still won't tell us.

Dodd Complex
June 03, 2009

The father, the son, and a Connecticut dynasty in peril.

What Treasury Needs Is A Distraction
May 05, 2009

The bank stress tests are beginning to create a perception problem, but not--as you might think--for banks. Rather the issue is top level Administration officials' own optics (spin jargon for how we think about our rulers). At one level, the government's approach to banks--delay doing anything until the economy stabilizes--is working out nicely. This is the counterpart of the macroeconomic Summers Strategy and in principle it is brilliant.

Why the Democrats Can't Govern
April 15, 2009

The last Democrat who held the White House, Bill Clinton, saw the core of his domestic agenda come to ruin, his political support collapse, and his failure spawn a massive Republican resurgence that made progressive reform impossible for a decade to come. The Democrat who last held the White House before that, Jimmy Carter, saw the exact same thing happen to him. At this early date, nobody can know whether or not Barack Obama will escape this fate. But the contours of failure are now clearly visible.

Teddy's Bear
April 01, 2009

Orrin Hatch, health care reform's stealth champion?

'Silence is Suicide!'
February 23, 2009

Sacramento, California A 12-foot inflatable ATM machine sat outside the Sacramento Hyatt this past weekend, emblazoned with the words “California Taxpayers--Already Taxed To The Max!” The display was one of many illustrations of the anger of delegates here at the California Republican Convention, which met just days after a handful of Republicans in the state legislature broke party ranks to vote for a budget that included $12 billion in new taxes.

Open for Service
November 25, 2008

Last month, retired Air Force General Merrill McPeak, one of Barack Obama’s highest-ranking military supporters during the campaign, reiterated his opposition to openly gay service. When McPeak participated in the debates over lifting the ban in 1993, he was Chief of Staff of the Air Force.

Ground Wars
October 23, 2008

Mark Feest is doing all he can to get John McCain elected. Unfortunately, the McCain campaign hasn’t always made that easy. Feest is the chairman of the GOP committee in Churchill County, a rural region of some 26,000 people in northwestern Nevada. Feest complains that the campaign doesn’t seem to understand the nature of rural areas. “Early on, his campaign was sending materials to Las Vegas, hoping we would pick it up,” Feest laughs. “That’s an eight hour drive!” Feest isn’t alone.

Show Bush Some Birthday Lovin'
June 25, 2008

RNC Chairman Mike Duncan has just drawn to my attention to the fact that our fearless president has a birthday coming up. (Bush turns 62 on July 6, for those keeping track.)   Unsurprisingly, the good chariman feels that the most appropriate way for all of us to celebrate this joyous event is to donate $62 (or however much we can spare--$100? $1,000? $2,000?) to the great GOP electoral cause and then add our names to the "virtual birthday eCard" that the RNC has so thoughtfully put together for the POTUS: Thank you for your service and dedication to our country.