Chris Christie

Jeb Bush Joins a Long List of Conservatives Who Got in Trouble for Saying Compassionate Things About Immigrants
April 08, 2014

A few Republicans who have acknowledged the moral urgency of immigration reform.

What Scott Walker's Email Scandal Shares With Chris Christie's Bridge Scandal: The Permanent Campaign
February 20, 2014

Since when did government become about nothing but the next election?

What Experimental Psychology Can Reveal About Chris Christie's Hypocrisy
February 13, 2014

Experimental psychology can explain Chris Christie's hypocrisy.

What Makes a Scandal Stick?
February 12, 2014

Strategists are talking about a Scott Walker presidential nomination in light of Bridgegate, but no one's paying attention to the Wisconsin governor’s own misconduct.

The Official Who Oversaw the Lane Closures Has Turned On Christie. Here's Why It Matters.
January 31, 2014

The man at the center of Bridgegate says Chris Christie isn't telling the truth. Here's why it matters.

Bashing the Liberal Media Won't Save Chris Christie
January 21, 2014

In fact, it's likely to doom his 2016 chances.

Chris Christie Versus the Lying Liars
January 21, 2014

As he battles the Bridgegate fallout, Chris Christie is calling accusers liars. It turns out he has a long record of using that accusation. 

Chris Christie Is Done—Even If He Survives the Traffic Scandal
January 14, 2014

Christie will have to reinvent himself into a different kind of politician.

Chris Christie Barely Knew David Wildstein? Their Old Coach Says Otherwise.
January 10, 2014

Chris Christie is distancing himself from the high school classmate at the heart of the bridge scandal. He's leaving something out, according to a coach who knew them both.

Chris Christie: More Like Nixon than Giuliani
January 08, 2014

Chris Christie's 2016 prospects were always about personality, not ideology. That's why the new revelations about lane closures at the George Washington Bridge are so damaging.