Chris Dodd

Why the Anti-SOPA Band Hasn't Gotten Back Together
January 04, 2013

Last year, an unlikely coalition emerged to preserve Internet freedom. Where has it been since then?

Obama Plainly Disagrees with His World Bank Nominee
March 23, 2012

Over at The Washington Post, Jonathan Bernstein argues that the Jim Yong Kim nomination for World Bank president is (for liberals at least) a pleasant byproduct of having a Democratic president: It’s very difficult for me to imagine John McCain, had he won the presidency — or a President Mitt Romney, for that matter — reaching out beyond the usual bankers and recycled government officials to choose someone like Kim. But it’s not at all hard to picture Hillary Clinton or Joe Biden or Chris Dodd picking him. Presidents don’t make these types of picks on their own.

Twelve Questions They Should Be Asking at Tonight’s Debate
November 22, 2011

Tonight’s GOP debate, co-sponsored by my own institution, the American Enterprise Institute, and the Heritage Foundation, will be focused on foreign policy, and, as is the nature of such events, the journalists moderating it will likely pose a lot of softball questions, with almost no follow-up and nothing that really cuts to the core. Here’s a list of questions that I would love to hear answers to (and I imagine many primary voters would, too), but that almost certainly won’t get asked in the dozen primary debates scheduled in the weeks ahead.

Newt Gingrich's Brilliant Plan To Jail Lawmakers
October 12, 2011

Newt Gingrich, apparently thinking “What the hell, the voters will never make me president anyway,” made headlines last night by saying Congressman Barney Frank and former Senator Chris Dodd should be arrested for their alleged role in bringing about the financial crisis. Gingrich said that voters have a right to be angry, and if they want to see people jailed for the meltdown, “you ought to start with Barney Frank and Chris Dodd.” Charlie Rose, obviously shocked by Gingrich’s suggestion, offered him the chance to moderate his remarks, but Gingrich didn’t bite.

How Democrats Missed Their One Chance To Put Rating Agencies in Their Place
July 28, 2011

On Wednesday morning the managing directors of Wall Street’s biggest bond rating agencies lined up in front of the House Financial oversight committee. To the administration and the Treasury, these men currently represent their worst nightmare. In the last two weeks, Moody’s, Standard and Poor’s, and Fitch have all threatened to downgrade America’s triple-A debt rating, a move that would cost the government billions in raised interest rates and spark disastrous macroeconomic consequences for the country.

Why Tom Harkin Is Important
January 27, 2011

Many Republicans claim the fight about health care reform is really a fight about freedom. Senator Tom Harkin agrees. But, as he explained at today's annual conference for the advocacy group FamiliesUSA,* that's because the Affordable Care Act will allow Americans to be more free, not less: Republicans claim that this is somehow an ‘assault on freedom.’ Well, it is certainly an assault on the freedom to go without insurance, show up at the emergency room, and stick other Americans with your health care bills! ... When we join together, we have more freedom.

Lieberman To Dems: You Know I Always Loved You Best, Baby
December 23, 2010

The last poll in Connecticut showed Joe Lieberman a dead man walking. His approval rating was 31%, lower than that of Chris Dodd, who was so unpopular he had to retire rather than face certain defeat. Democratic approval was an astonishingly poor 20-69. But now, fresh off his successful effort to repeal DADT, Joe Lieberman thinks he's back, baby, and he wants to run as a Democrat, reports Brian Beutler: "Some of my colleagues in the Democratic caucus have been very gracious and kind saying they hope I run as a Democrat," he told TPM in an interview Wednesday.

Chris Dodd vs. Filibuster Reform
December 01, 2010

Chris Dodd's farewell address to the Senate offers a perfect encapsulation of the mindset of the Senate institutionalist. Dodd, the son of a Senator, was literally reared in the folkways of the institution. No amount of evidence can persuade him that the rules of the place don't work. The Senate cannot fail, it can only be failed. Here is is urging his colleagues not to reform the filibuster: I appreciate the frustration many have with the slow pace of the legislative progress. And I certainly share some of my colleagues’ anger with the repetitive use and abuse of the filibuster.

The Unnecessary Fall
August 12, 2010

A counter-history of the Obama presidency.

Dodd and Man
August 08, 2010

Washington—When it comes to the role and functioning of the United States Senate, my rather dyspeptic views could not be more at odds with those of Chris Dodd, the Connecticut Democrat who is retiring at the end of the year.  I've reached the point where I'd abolish the Senate if I could.