Chuck Robb

Wilder Card
September 24, 2009

Politico has the not terribly surprising news that Doug Wilder has decided to stay out of Virginia's governors race--which is an implicit rebuke of the Democratic candidate Creigh Deeds. I say this isn't terribly surprising because Wilder has a history of doing this sort of thing to his fellow Virginia Democrats. In 1994 he made things uncomfortable for Virginia Senator Chuck Robb by running against him as an independent (before ultimately dropping out shortly before the election).

Blockade Iran?
September 21, 2009

As a senator, Chuck Robb was certainly a DLC-style Democrat, but never a wild-eyed hawk. Yet writing with two co-authors in the Washington Post today, he suggests that the U.S. might consider a sanctions-enforcing naval blockade on Iran by early next year. I would be surprised to see Barack Obama take such a step.

Home Alone
October 08, 2001

Back in the peaceful days of late summer, Democrats were finally getting around to something they'd neglected since Bill Clinton left office: foreign policy. In August, Tom Daschle and Richard Gephardt each delivered addresses criticizing the Bush administration for its aversion to multilateralism and its obsession with missile defense. A few weeks later, Senator Joe Biden did the same at the National Press Club. Previewing Biden's speech that morning, the Los Angeles Times explained that congressional Democrats had begun a prolonged "assault on the Bush administration's defense and foreign po