The Limits of Afghanistan Analogies
September 22, 2009

Last week, Taliban leader Mullah Omar issued a taunting statement warning America about its prospects in Afghanistan. Here's a choice excerpt: The former Soviet Union claimed, the Red Army was invincible but faced defeat at the hands of the Afghans and completely disintegrated. Many other countries got independence thanks to that. Today USA, the Britain and their allies are bent on subjugating Afghanistan. They are in a total self-delusion and their brain seems not working normally. This is a season of historical analogies.

Quote Of The Day, Crazy Cleric Edition
August 05, 2009

Why is it that the dirtiest minds so often belong to those who want to control the sex lives of other people? The New York Times has an excellent dispatch this morning from Diwaniya, Iraq, where a number of women in the town have taken up wrestling. This has, predictably, drawn a response from local conservative figures: One tribesman has said they should be “slaughtered” if they continue.

The New Democrats
July 15, 2009

What we are witnessing right now in the streets of Tehran is, first and foremost, a political battle for the future of the Iranian state. But closely linked to this political fight is also an old theological dispute about the nature of Shiism--a dispute that has been roiling Iran for more than a century. Shiism, like most religions, is no stranger to heated schisms. Shia and Sunnis split over the question of whether Muhammad had designated his son-in-law, Ali, as his successor (Shia believed he had).