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Obamacare Is Working, But Some Insurers Are Behaving Badly
July 10, 2014

Many more Americans are getting health coverage, but some of their insurers aren't behaving very well.

Obamacare Haters, Your Case Just Got Weaker
New report suggests number of uninsured declined, just as expected
July 10, 2014

The number of Americans without insurance has declined by 9.5 MILLION.

The Obamacare Benefit That Gets No Respect
The uninsured aren't the only ones who benefit. The underinsured do too.
March 25, 2014

Let's see if Fox News covers this one

Can Electronic Medical Records Improve Our Health Without Jeopardizing Our Privacy?
November 25, 2011

[Guest Post by Darius Tahir] Early this September Stanford Hospital discovered that somebody had posted personal data for nearly 20,000 emergency room patients online, so that anyone who happened across the page could look up everything from the patients’ names to the codes identifying their various diagnoses. Worse still, the data had been online for more than a year. The tale of how the data ended up online involves the sort of slapstick you expect from a bad sitcom.

Another Dutch Treat
November 03, 2011

Critics of health care reform frequently warn that it will reduce the quality of medical care in this country, by stifling innovation and handing more control over to government bureaucrats. And to back up their case they like to cite the state of health care in Europe, which is supposedly inferior. But that argument really isn’t very persuasive – and a big reason is the state of primary health care here and abroad.

Health Care Reform Progress: ACO Regulations Drop
October 28, 2011

[Guest post by Darius Tahir] Want to know whether health care reform will really reduce health care spending? Then pay close attention to what’s happening with a new regulation designed to reconfigure the way we pay doctors and hospitals. As any card-carrying health care wonk can tell you, the root of all evil (or at least a lot of evil) in our health care system is “fee-for-service” reimbursement. That’s the most common way that we pay for medical care in this country: By paying the provider of that care for every service rendered. So an office visit is one charge.

Yes, Let's Talk About Rationing
June 09, 2011

I can't stop stewing over that David Brooks column about the future of Medicare. It's not because the article itself was so awful. Like I said a few days ago, the column was (typical for Brooks) more nuanced and open-minded than most conservative articles about health care.

A New Idea That's Old (But Still Good)
December 07, 2009

The ten liberal and moderate Democrats trying to hammer out a compromise on the public option are talking seriously about letting older workers pay to be enroll in Medicare. While doing so wouldn't qualify as creating a new public plan into which anybody could enroll, it would qualify as opening up an existing public plan to a group of people that might appreciate its many virtues. And that's certainly a good thing. Introducing new ideas at this relatively late stage of the debate is not exactly easy to do. But, then, this isn't exactly a new idea.

This Won't Hurt a Bit
February 18, 2009

Health care reform for dummies.