Hillary's New Low
January 16, 2008

I was in "the promised land" when the two opposing camps in the Democratic race began accusing each other of insensitivity and oversensitivity to race. But I must say that the stench from the pissing match was still pungent when I arrived back home in Cambridge. Here's an especially egregious example: Speaking after Hillary's New Hampshire victory, her avid supporter, New York attorney-general Andrew Cuomo, suggested that Barack Obama's strategy to "shuck and jive" was responsible for his loss.

Hillary On Obama's Anti-war Cred
January 14, 2008

Like Matt Yglesias, I don't entirely get what Hillary Clinton is aiming for by raising questions about Obama's war-opposition. Yes, Obama toned down his opposition once he arrived in the Senate. But, as Matt says, "Russ Feingold's not his opponent. Hillary Clinton is." And, at pretty much every step of the way, Hillary was either where Obama was or to the right of him on this issue.

The Washington Post's Conservatives Have A Great Day
December 14, 2007

Charles Krauthammer: I'd thought that the limits of professed public piety had already been achieved during the Republican CNN-YouTube debate when some squirrelly looking guy held up a Bible and asked, "Do you believe every word of this book?" -- and not one candidate dared reply: None of your damn business. Instead, Giuliani, Romney and Huckabee bent a knee and tried appeasement with various interpretations of scriptural literalism. The right answer, the only answer, is that the very question is offensive. The Constitution prohibits any religious test for office.

Be Careful Who You Lend Your Car To
December 04, 2007

Adam Liptak has an excellent piece in today's New York Times discussing the felony murder rule, under which (as devotees of Law and Order are well aware) accomplices to felonies can be tried for murder for deaths occuring during the course of the crime. Liptak tells the story of Ryan Holle, who drunkenly lent his car to his housemate and some friends, who committed murder while attempting to rob a drug dealer.

The Church And The "dirty War"
October 12, 2007

Daniel Goldhagen provoked a second storm -- the first one was his bookHitler's Willing Executioners -- when he published A Moral Reckoning: The Role of the Catholic Church in the Holocaust and Its Unfulfilled Duty of Repair.

The Minnesota Judge Takes His Stance

Bad day for Larry Craig: His request to rescind his guilty plea in Stancegate was denied, in a withering decision that totally undermines Craig's claims that he made his guilty plea hastily. Craig spoke with the prosecuting attorney "many times" about his options and, with his plea, even included a handwritten note thanking the prosecutor for his "cooperation" (isn't that a creepy, condescending word?). But apparently Craig isn't resigning, despite this temporary setback.

Craig's Legal Strategy Revealed

Embattled Senator Larry Craig appears before a Minnesota judge today in an effort to overturn his guilty plea on the disorderly conduct charge stemming from his June bathroom indiscretion in the Minneapolis airport. We're pleased to bring you live footage from the hearing: Legal experts were divided over a few of the more controversial aspects of Craig's defense, in particular his decision to don a cape and his pledge to "be your lover man." --Christopher Orr

Has Larry Craig Lost His Mind?

Just a few days after announcing his "intent to resign" as of September 30, Senator Wide Stance is now waffling, suggesting that, if he somehow manages to clear his name before then, he might decide to stick around. Now, I understand that Craig has been living in profound denial for years now, but what the hell is he thinking? As the senator himself defines it, clearing his name would require not only getting his guilty plea annulled but also surviving the ethics probe launched by his newly impropriety-obsessed Republican colleagues.

An Emergent Trend

What were we saying on this blog about the propensity Republicans have for lewd conduct in men's bathrooms? Well, add another plank of evidence to the phenomenon! From Roll Call (which is crashing right now, hence the link to Wonkette): Sen. Larry Craig (R-Idaho) was arrested in June at a Minnesota airport by a plainclothes police officer investigating lewd conduct complaints in a men's public restroom, according to an arrest report obtained by Roll Call Monday afternoon. ... On Aug. 8, he pleaded guilty to misdemeanor disorderly conduct in the Hennepin County District Court.


Paul Berman's cover story last month on Tariq Ramadan was an excellent account of Western intellectuals' betrayal of--and outright attacks on--Ayaan Hirsi Ali, the most courageous and remarkable woman of our time.