Daniel Weiss

Smoke Signals
April 07, 2011

In 1903, when the Fisk Generating Station in Chicago had its first steam engine turbine installed, engineers hailed the new coal-fired power plant as a marvel—“a monster in its day,” as one magazine put it. But, over the years, the boxy red-brick structure has become, in the eyes of many locals, a monster of a different sort.

Energy/Climate Policy: What Now?
November 08, 2010

So Washington is speculating what comes next for energy policy.

Driving up, but hold on to your wallet…
March 15, 2010

About a month ago USA Today ran a great series of stories about the new uptick in national driving, measured by vehicle miles traveled (VMT), and changing traffic patterns. My initial reaction to this increase was that, although national driving is up, we’re still driving less on a per person basis. In other words, as long as population goes up more people will drive their cars--but this says nothing about our behavior as individuals.