Underspending, Not Debt, Is Holding the Country Back
What new CBO projections say about our economic future
January 26, 2015

Listen up, Republicans.

House Republicans Have Voted to Increase the Debt by Nearly $1 Trillion This Year
August 04, 2014

Since January 1, they've passed legislation that would increase the long-term debt by nearly $800 billion.

The Ultimate, Definitive Guide to the Budget Deficit
Step 1: Stop worrying about it so much
July 16, 2014

Step 1: Stop worrying about it so much.

The Hypocritical, Bipartisan Fearmongering of the Fiscal Summit
May 14, 2014

Welcome to the sad, hypocritical end of the austerians

We've Made Huge Progress on the Long-Term Debt
May 06, 2014

It may have hurt the economy, but long-term debt projections are way down.

The Ryan Budget Doesn't Just Sin Against the Poor. It Sins Against Math, Too
April 10, 2014

The budget disproportionately balances the budget with cuts to programs for low-income Americans while leaving seniors unscathed.

Someone Else's Debt Could Ruin Your Credit Rating
Debt collectors are pursuing one in seven Americans—and often screwing up
March 31, 2014

Everyone is susceptible to the scary, careless world of debt collecting. 

Republicans' Favorite National-Debt Researchers Are Now Even More Discredited
February 19, 2014

Severe cuts that stifle the recovery, it turns out, won't make a real difference on our debt. Will Congress listen?

Who are the Poorest Politicians in Congress?
January 10, 2014

For the first time in history, over half of members of Congress are millionaires. But almost as striking as the many public servants who are raking in the big bucks is the fact that the 24 members at the bottom of the list are all deep in the red (and members 505-508 have a net worth of $0). Meet the five poorest members of Congress.

When Should Debt-Ceiling Drama Scare You? Right About Now.
October 08, 2013

Economic doomsday is approaching. And while we don’t know the exact date, we’re starting to get a pretty good idea.