Department of Homeland Security

How Much Would It Cost to Deport All Undocumented Immigrants?
Way, way more than anyone is willing to pay
July 08, 2014

Way, way more than anyone is willing to pay.

The GOP Is Still Demanding More Deportations—and Staying Silent on Reform
April 24, 2014

Obama's efforts to reform the immigration system are angering Republicans.

What It Will Take for Obama to Satisfy His Immigration Critics
April 21, 2014

Immigration advocates push Obama to "go big" with his executive authority. 

Our Incompetent Government
November 14, 2005

When something goes wrong, we look for someone to blame, in the hope that by finding and punishing a culpable individual we can prevent a repetition. Sometimes this is little better than scapegoating, which is my reaction to the search for someone to blame for the failure to detect the September 11 plot or to discover that Saddam Hussein had abandoned his weapons of mass destruction.