Desiree Rogers

Unkind Contributions
March 24, 2010

There was a piece in Politico last week that did an impressive job of simultaneously capturing and embodying why so much of America thinks our political system sucks. The headline read “Elite Donors Dodge the DNC,” and the gist was that the Obama administration has so badly bungled the care and feeding of big-money contributors that fat cat Dems aren’t flocking to write their party big checks at the same rate rich Republicans did when the Bushies ran this town.

Watch: Michelle Cottle on ABC News
December 07, 2009

TNR Senior Editor Michelle Cottle appeared on ABC News to discuss today’s political headlines. She spoke about the criticism of White House social secretary Desiree Rogers handling of the Salahis' White House Party crashing: “People were waiting for a good excuse to jump on her with both feet.” President Obama’s recent health care push on Capitol Hill: “He’s there as the pep-rally kind of guy.” And Sarah Palin's attempts to appease the media at the Gridiron dinner: “It’s not a new leaf.” Watch the whole video.

Sourcing Silliness
December 02, 2009

The big dailies' piety about avoiding blind quotes unless there is a compelling reason to use them (the justification for which the reporters must try to explain in their vague characterization of sources) has always seemed pointless because of the absurdly low hurdle applied.