Washington Diarist

A Nude Breaks the Spell of the News
October 06, 2014

In praise of art as escapism. 

Obama Against ISIS: The End of Halfheartedness?
September 09, 2014

Interventionists are not less calm than isolationists; we are only more sleep-deprived.

Israel at War With Hamas and Itself
The ugly realities of murders and missiles
July 16, 2014

The ugly realities of murders and missiles.

Fouad Ajami, 1945-2014
Farewell to a master and a friend
June 25, 2014

Farewell to a master and a friend

A Defense (Sort of) of Twitter
I don't tweet, but I see why some of you do
June 12, 2014

Leon Wieseltier responds to Alain de Botton's attack on Twitter.

Obama, the Shoah, and Syria
The president's hypocrisy about genocide
May 21, 2014

If the president is not prepared to “do something now and quickly,” then he should stifle himself.

The Shoah and the Art Market
February 16, 2014

After the recovery of missing Holocaust art from Munich, the papers have been full of breathless stories about the art's value. Is somebody missing the point?

The Smallness of Barack Obama: Diminishment, Drift, and Sighful Contemplation
A Chinese dissident shows us how to dream big
January 29, 2014

Obama's defeatist State of the Union should have taken its cues from the words of an inspiring Chinese dissident.

Iran Is Not Our Friend
January 25, 2014

The post-American world is here: behold it and weep.

The Academic Boycott of Israel Is a Travesty
December 17, 2013

Who needs Abu Mazen to speak for the Palestinians when you can have an associate professor of ethnic studies at the University of California, San Diego?