Jo Becker's New Book Disparages Gay-Marriage Activists' Years of Hard Work
April 17, 2014

New York Times journalist Jo Becker’s new book, Forcing the Spring, to be published at the end of the month, and excerpted in The New York Times magazine this coming weekend, is engineered from the ground up to be the first definitive narrative of th

Debating the Court's Gay Marriage Decisions
June 26, 2013

Legal scholars of the right and left take on the Supreme Court's decisions to overturn DOMA and pass on Prop 8.

Is DOMA Headed for Disaster?
June 19, 2013

A limited ruling would be a constitutional trainwreck.

Flip-Flopping Federalists
March 29, 2013

On Obamacare, conservative judges were glad to limit Congress' power. To uphold DOMA, they'll need to do the opposite.