Election 2016

Donald Trump Stole Chris Christie’s Brand
June 30, 2015 7:23 AM

There's only room for one loud, obnoxious jerk in the Republican primary.

Hillary Clinton Has Hired a Former Keystone Pipeline Lobbyist
June 25, 2015

And environmentalist groups are not happy at all.

Why Is Bernie Sanders Surging in New Hampshire? It's Simple.
June 17, 2015

“Politically, we are an ornery lot."

Donald Trump Is America's Most Gifted Political Satirist
June 16, 2015

Do you feel a little embarrassed when you watch Donald Trump? A little ashamed? I do.

Jeb Bush, Climate-Change Equivocator
June 15, 2015

No one knows where he stands on the issue.

The Ladies Who Love Hillary
June 13, 2015

“Sometimes I just go sit and read her Wikipedia page,” Ruth Christianson, 28, said moments before Clinton gave a speech launching her campaign.

What Hillary Clinton Can Learn from Michelle Kwan's Figure Skating Career
June 10, 2015

No one could beat the Kween. Until someone did.

Rand Paul to Baltimore: Racism Isn't the Problem. Taxes Are.
June 10, 2015

This is what he learned from his soul-searching?

Why Are Libertarians Mostly Dudes?
June 05, 2015

Rand Paul is polling terribly among women. His political philosophy might be to blame.