Elisabeth Bumiller

The Hurry-Up Offense
October 23, 2009

In an October 20 New York Times story, Elisabeth Bumiller reported that "frustration and anxiety are on the rise within the military" because President Obama has taken an extended period of time to decide whether to increase the American military presence in Afghanistan. Whether this is accurate or not remains unclear--for obvious reasons a number of the sources cited in the story were former military officers rather than serving ones.

Obama And The Future Of Iraq
August 03, 2009

A recent dispatch from Iraq by The New York Times' Elisabeth Bumiller articulated something that has been true for several months now: America has moved on from the Iraq War. Much of the 2008 election was organized around that conflict. Barack Obama beat Hillary Clinton in large measure by deriding the judgment she showed in supporting the 2003 Iraq war resolution. And John McCain's public embrace of George W. Bush's policies may have doomed his campaign from the start. Few things seemed to exhilarate Obama's supporters more than his firm call for "an end" to the Iraq war.