A Winter Olympics in Snowless Beijing Will Be an Environmental Disaster
July 31, 2015

The Chinese capital will have to create all of its snow.

Angry About Cecil the Lion’s Death? Take It Out on the Republican Congress.
July 30, 2015

The GOP is waging a war on the Endangered Species Act, and on the agency charged with enforcing it.

What Will Obama's Biggest Proposed Climate Action to Date Really Look Like?
July 29, 2015

The White House says a final climate plan will be stronger than the draft. Will it?

Hillary Clinton's Climate-Change Plan Is Anything But Comprehensive
July 27, 2015

She hasn't answered any of the most controversial questions yet.

Republicans’ Flip-Flop on Wind Energy Could Hurt Them in 2016
July 20, 2015

Republicans were actually among wind energy’s early proponents. Not anymore.

Shell's Arctic Drilling Adventure Is a Disaster Waiting to Happen
July 15, 2015

Despite one screwup after another, the energy company is determined to strike oil there.

This Is What Your Hot Dog and Burger Are Doing to the Planet
July 03, 2015

Americans already hold more responsibility for climate change than the rest of the world. Don't make it worse.

Clinton and Sanders Have a Shared Weakness, and Martin O’Malley Is Exploiting It
July 02, 2015

O’Malley is quickly becoming a favorite among environmentalists.

City Dwellers Should Learn to Get Along With Urban Wildlife
July 01, 2015

Moving to the city? This coyote might be your new neighbor.

After the Deluge
June 25, 2015

Building climate justice from the wreckage of Hurricane Katrina.