Divestment Won't Hurt Big Oil, and That's OK
May 20, 2015

Critics of divestment misunderstand it.

America Is Finally Getting Its First Offshore Wind Farm. Conservatives Are Trying to Make Sure It’s the Last.
May 14, 2015

America is getting its first offshore wind farm, but 20 years too late.

One Reason Obama Might Open the Arctic to Drilling: China
May 11, 2015

Obama says he cares about climate change but he's opening a new region to drilling.

Trade Deals Are Giving Corporations the Power to Intimidate Tiny Countries
May 11, 2015

A giant Canadian mining corporation versus a village in El Salvador isn't a fair fight. 

India’s War on Environmental Activists
May 08, 2015

Greenpeace India is at risk of shutting its doors due to a government crackdown.

Bernie Sanders Is a Better Environmentalist Than Elizabeth Warren
April 30, 2015

Stop waiting for Elizabeth Warren, climate hawks. Bernie's your guy.

California’s New Greenhouse Gas Emissions Target Puts Obama's To Shame
April 29, 2015

California's climate goals look more like Europe than the U.S.

Big Oil to Pope Francis: We Know What's Best for the World's Poor
April 27, 2015

They make a "moral" case for fossil fuels.