Drought-Stricken States Like California Are Getting Away With Absurdly Cheap Water Prices
October 23, 2014

It's so cheap that people forget it isn't plentiful.

BP Didn't Ruin the Gulf, Writes a Politico Contributor Paid by BP
October 22, 2014

Why pay for ads when you get them for free?

These Two World Leaders Are Laughing While the Planet Burns Up
Meet earth's worst climate villains
October 21, 2014

They don't care one bit about our planet.

Mitch McConnell Thinks the U.S. Should Follow China's Lead
October 14, 2014

He's always complaining that Obama doesn't lead—except in this case.

Obama's Environmental Policies Don't Deserve Paul Krugman's Praise
October 10, 2014

Yes, he's done more on climate change than any president. That means nothing.

This Silicon Valley Giant Is Refusing to Leave the Conservative ALEC
October 07, 2014

Environmentalists pressure tech giants to leave the right-wing group.

Louisiana Has a Wild Plan to Save Itself from Global Warming
Too bad the state is being destroyed from within
September 30, 2014

Too bad the state is being destroyed from within.

This Chart Will Tell You Just How Quickly Your Country Is Depleting Earth
September 30, 2014

A truly terrifying look at how we're destroying our planet.

Study: Natural Gas Will Not Solve America's Pollution Problem
September 26, 2014

It's not clean energy—far from it.

If Obama Agrees the U.S. Is Causing Global Climate Change, Then Why Is He Letting Other Countries Foot the Bill?
September 25, 2014

World leaders pledged billions to the Green Climate Fund this week. The U.S. pledged nothing.