Environmental Protection Agency

This EPA Rule Will Save Thousands of Lives—if the Supreme Court Upholds It
March 24, 2015

A regulation decades in the making is at the Supreme Court on Wednesday.

McConnell Is Now Going Outside of the Senate to Obstruct Obama
March 20, 2015

His new plan is to get states to thwart the EPA for him. 

McConnell Wants States to Just Ignore EPA Regulations, But His Plan Makes No Sense
March 04, 2015

McConnell says if you can't beat the EPA, ignore it. 

Obama vs. Climate Change: Round Two
January 14, 2015

Wednesday marked a major shift in the president's climate strategy. 

The EPA's Emissions Rule Delay Isn't an Environmental Setback
January 08, 2015

This seemingly trivial move could make it easier to survive legal challenges.

EPA Is Finally Regulating Coal Ash Disposal—But Letting the Industry Police Itself
December 19, 2014

This is the first time the EPA has regulated coal ash.

The Supreme Court's New EPA Case Has More to Do With Climate Change Than You Think
November 26, 2014

How mercury regulations will help determine the level of greenhouse gases.