The Rushdie Affair and the Struggle Against Islamism
December 07, 2012

The persecution of a prophetic novel and a pompous novelist.

‘Newsweek’ or Trashy Romance Novel?
May 05, 2011

When it came to the nuptials of Prince William and Kate Middleton, Tina Brown, the editor of Newsweek and The Daily Beast, truly flooded the zone. In the week of the wedding, the two publications featured an account from Brown herself of the big day; an interactive feature detailing Kate’s trajectory from commoner to princess; assessments of Kate’s dress, her sister Pippa’s dress, the hats, and the possibility that Prince Harry and Pippa might hook up; and a piece from a sex researcher analyzing what Kate and William’s balcony kiss revealed about their love life.

My Novel, My Novel
December 08, 2010

Mourning Diary By Roland Barthes Translated by Richard Howard (Hill and Wang, 261 pp., $25) The Preparation of the Novel By Roland Barthes Translated by Kate Briggs (Columbia University Press, 463 pp., $29.50)   I. In retrospect, Roland Barthes once observed, his career as an intellectual began with the modest aim of revolution: It seemed to me (around 1954) that a science of signs might stimulate social criticism, and that Sartre, Brecht, and Saussure could concur in this project.

The Money Primary
February 06, 2008

Even with her $5 million self-loan, the Clinton cash crunch is severe enough that some senior Hillary staffers are forgoing salaries this month. The Caucus adds that Her advisers says she’s considering another loan because money is tight now... although she won many states yesterday, including some very big states like New York and California, the victories weren’t resoundingly decisive enough... to inspire a lot of new giving...

Midnight Oil
February 06, 2005