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What Happened To Bill Clinton?
January 27, 2008

I know what’s happened to my feelings about Bill Clinton, so I assume that the same change has taken place in others.I’ve been a fan of Bill Clinton’s since his first presidential campaign, I voted for him twice and felt for him deeply when the Congressional lynch mob Clarence Thomas took unto himself ganged up to throw him out of office.

Clinton Plays The Jesse Card
January 26, 2008

I have a piece in the upcoming print issue on Obama's complicated relationships with members of the Jackson family. One of the points I make is that if Obama is seen as being close to Jesse Jackson Sr.--who, after endorsing Obama and then taking swipes at him, now appears to have swallowed his pride (with a little coaxing from his son, Jesse Jr, who's a solid Obama supporter) and become a more stalwart Obama supporter--then the Clintons will likely use that in their efforts to pigeonhole Obama as the "black" candidate. That said, I never thought they'd do it this explicitly.

Mccain’s Blonde Bombshell
January 04, 2008

  Now that John McCain's decent showing in Iowa will allow him to limp forward to New Hampshire, we can look forward to more posts from his daughter Meghan on her much-derided campaign blog, McCainBlogette. Nowhere near as hokey as the Romney spawn, Meghan is more in the tradition of First Daughter partiers like the Bush twins. Twenty-three-year-old Meghan and her merry crew of friends bounce around the campaign trail with her dad posting videos of themselves fooling around and log comments on the best-dressed reporters and Henry Kissinger's chic shoes.

Eldridge Caucus Live! (updated)
January 03, 2008

Eldridge, Iowa I'm all the way east, near the Mississippi River, at the Eldridge caucus at the North Scott County High School and will be blogging it live in this post. This shop is gonna be run by Marty O'Boyle, a Scott County (Davenport) Democrats vice chair, and he's the subject of intense speculation out here: a jolly, very influential Dem decked out tonight in a blue rugby shirt, he committed to Gephardt early in '04 and realigned with Kerry when Gephardt blew it. But he's "kept his powder dry" this year, as someone in the Obama Davenport operation told me.

Edwards Obsessed With Pakistan!
December 30, 2007

It's hard to do justice to Josephine Hearn's hilarious piece on John Edwards and Pakistan, but I'll try: The man in the audience here at the Holiday Inn hadn’t asked about Pakistan; he’d asked about a Department of Peace as proposed by Rep. Dennis Kucinich. But John Edwards, flush with praise for his swift response to the Pakistan crisis, was determined to talk about political unrest in the faraway country. “Pakistan. Let’s use Pakistan as a vehicle for talking about this,” he said during a question-and-answer session with voters.

Hillary's Iowa Hand
December 30, 2007

  That's Hillary's Iowa state director, Teresa Vilmain, working the rope line and passing out caucus signup cards at Clinton's event tonight in the east-central town of Traer. (With a population of 1,594, Traer isn't exactly a prime campaign destination. One local at the event tonight told me Hillary was the first candidate she can recall visiting, and added that she'd never considered caucusing until Clinton showed up. "I never gave it any thought, but I'm kind of excited [now]," said Kathleen Cochran, who appeared to be in her sixties.

Gore Receives His Prize
December 10, 2007

Al Gore may have given one of the finest speeches of his career.  It had poetic resonance but was rooted in real science.  It was politically visionary but was animated by an, alas, secure sense of climatic disaster.  It was quite plain-spoken about the economic realities that made global warming so ordinary but argued the hope that suicidal habits were good for no one, not even the greatest suicidalists, China and, most significantly, the United States.  It is my view -but maybe not Al's- that in the end, however, America will be more persuadable than "Peoples' China," whose impetus for domin

Lessons From 2000; Spouses In Iowa
November 28, 2007

Sneak Preview [Adam Nagourney, The New York Times]: "The 12 months leading to Mr. Giuliani’s departure [from the 2000 Senate race] are as instructive today as they were riveting then: a blistering year of mental gamesmanship, piercing attacks, contrasts in personalities and positions, and blunders, played out by two outsize political figures in a super-heated atmosphere. Bill Hits the Trail [Jennifer Jacobs, Des Moines Register]: "Former President Clinton laid it on thick Tuesday with statements of loyalty and admiration for his wife, Sen. Hillary Clinton. ...

Are You Experienced?
November 27, 2007

I think Obama has finally found an effective rejoinder to Clinton's continued attacks on his experience (or lack thereof). From an interview with ABC's "Nightline": "I think the fact of the matter is that Sen.

Bhutto's Femininity
November 11, 2007

Yes, Pinky Bhutto is a woman.  And in this regard she is an offense to Islamic orthodoxy.  But she is no exception in Asia.  After all, India has been governed by a woman (Indira) and almost governed by a second, her daughter-in-law, Sonia.   This, after all, is the largest democracy in the world.  Sri Lanka (earlier, Ceylon) has been governed by three women.  In any case, "pinky" does not allude to her silks.  It's her politics.  Moreover, her domain is corrupt and her demeanor haughty in the manner of an inherited aristocratic clan which also does not hesitate to kill. New Zealand's prime mi