Fast Food

Is a Fast Food CEO Worth 1,200 Times a Fry Cook? Apparently So.
May 15, 2014

The CEO-to-worker pay ratio has grown 470 percent since 2000. 

Six Photos That Prove Obama Is Conservative
January 10, 2014

According to Time magazine's political-personality quiz, anyway.

What Would a Big Mac Cost if Fast-Food Workers' Won Higher Wages?
December 02, 2013

We calculated what menu items would cost if fast-food workers made at least $15 per hour.

Can Fast-Food Workers Raise Wages With One-Day Strikes?
August 02, 2013

There's been a remarkable amount of anti-labor rhetoric in America these past few years, even as low-wage workers now comprise approximately a quarter of all U.S. jobs. But this week has raised hopes of an effective counterattack.