Rocket League Is Soccer’s Beautiful Video Game
September 29, 2015

The game is about skill and athleticism, just like its physical counterpart.

After Blatter, FIFA May Get Worse Before It Gets Better
June 03, 2015

Where does international soccer go from here? 

Prosecuting FIFA Underlings Is Worth It, Even If Sepp Blatter Gets Away
May 29, 2015

Corruption at the highest levels sets a tone for the entire sport. 

Actually, Qatar Has No Business Hosting the 2022 World Cup
July 09, 2014

A professor at Northwestern's campus in Al Rayyan argues that the tournament will bring reform. Now a Northwestern student fires back. 

The Matches Have Been Excellent So Far. But Could FIFA's Corruption Make This the Last World Cup?
June 15, 2014

By awarding the next two World Cups to Russia and Qatar, Sepp Blatter and his enablers may have marked the end of an era. 

Should FIFA Be Run Like the Eurovision Contest?
June 13, 2014

A political analyst on how to reform the corrupt World Cup.

Welcome to Goal Posts III
June 10, 2014

Welcome to Goal Posts III, TNR's World Cup Blog

The World Cup Is About to Begin, and FIFA's Reputation Has Never Been Worse
June 09, 2014

John Oliver's 13-minute rant is just the latest in a long string of embarrassments.

FIFA Needs to Take the 2022 World Cup Away from Qatar. Now.
May 19, 2014

At the current rate, more than 4,000 migrant workers will die to build the infrastructure for a soccer tournament. This is an abomination.

How to Love Soccer: Hit the Bar at 7:45 A.M., Says U.S. Federation President
October 03, 2013

Today is big for Sunil Gulati, president of the U.S. Soccer Federation.