The New David Foster Wallace Movie Isn’t a Biopic. It’s Another 'Rolling Stone' Writer Flick.
May 28, 2015

The raffish delights of being a Rolling Stone writer have been portrayed on the big screen more than once.

Pauline Kael's First Film Review for The New Republic
'Godard Among the Gangsters,' September 10, 1966
May 22, 2015

Kael embraced the upstarts who would come to be known as the French New Wave.

From Homeless to Hollywood: A New Film Built From a Rough Life
May 19, 2015

"I’m about to die right now, and I really want you to be there.” 

The Time Anna Kendrick Said I Smelled Like an Old Cinnamon Cupcake
May 14, 2015

"The meanest, to me, was Beca. She was pretty rough and tough."

The Film Buff’s Tour of New York
May 13, 2015

For many if not most New Yorkers, New York is a dream we encounter in the movies before we make it the place we live. 

The 'Cannibal Cop' Was a Creep, Not a Criminal
May 10, 2015

The HBO film 'Thought Crimes' shows what happens when your Internet self comes back to haunt you.

How to Make a Good Film About Writing
May 09, 2015

As a new film starring James Franco shows, it's not easy. But other examples show it's possible.

Hollywood Is Finally Making Way for the Female Loser
May 08, 2015

You probably know a grown-ass woman fiasco in real life. So why isn't she on-screen?

This New Italian Movie May Herald a Cinematic Renaissance
May 08, 2015

Gianni Amelio's Intrepido captures a different side of Italy.

'Far from the Madding Crowd' Tries Too Hard to Make Its Victorian Heroine a 21st-Century Feminist
April 30, 2015

By trying to make its protagonist a modern feminist, Far from the Madding Crowd loses sight of its story.