Rihanna Is No Pam Grier
July 07, 2015 10:03 AM

"BBHMM" puts a materialistic spin on a social-justice blaxploitation classic.

The Story of the Only Irishman Ever Deported From Ireland
July 03, 2015

A review of acclaimed director Ken Loach's latest movie, Jimmy's Hall.

‘Magic Mike XXL’ Wants to Know: Do You Like That, Ladies?
July 01, 2015

It’s the movie that the Magic Mike marketing campaign prepared us for three years ago—a glorious fantasia of glistening abdomens and gyrating crotches. 

Goodfellas' Narrow, Simplistic View of Masculinity
June 15, 2015

Martin Scorsese's film shows the ugly, stupid consequences of manliness, but has nothing to offer in its place.

A Coming-of-Age Film That Never Shows the Hero Come of Age
June 12, 2015

Even Jon Snow can't save "Testament of Youth."

In the Pre-Apocalypse, Vacation Homes Are the First to Go
June 11, 2015

What a new doomsday film says about American wealth.

On Being Human: Roy Andersson Reflects the Dark Humor of Existing

Andersson's hilariously bleak musings on human nature revel in uncomfortable truths.

Black America's Forgotten Film History
June 08, 2015

A new MoMA exhibit puts black films front and center.

The New David Foster Wallace Movie Isn’t a Biopic. It’s Another 'Rolling Stone' Writer Flick.
May 28, 2015

The raffish delights of being a Rolling Stone writer have been portrayed on the big screen more than once.