Foreign Policy

John Kerry's First Peace Effort in Israel and Palestine Failed, But Now He Needs to Try Again
July 09, 2014

Can the United States end the cycle of violence between Israelis and Palestinians?

The Middle East That France and Britain Drew Is Finally Unravelling
And there's very little the U.S. can do to stop it
June 26, 2014

Now that map is crumbling.

How Bad Can the Iraq Situation Get? An Expert Weighs In.
An Interview with Thomas E. Ricks
June 24, 2014

“What if everything that has happened in Iraq since 2003 is just preamble to the main event?” 

The Supreme Court Deals Radical Conservatives a Foreign-Policy Setback
And hardly anyone notices
June 09, 2014

And hardly anyone notices.

Obama's New Guidelines for War Don't Provide Much Guidance on Iran and Syria
May 28, 2014

The speech was a valuable retreat from mindless saber-rattling, but it didn’t provide much guidance to West Point's cadets or foreign policy planners in Washington.

Superpowers Don't Get to Retire
What our tired country still owes the world
May 26, 2014

What our tired country still owes the world.

India's Nationalistic New Leader Just Made an Extraordinarily Warm Gesture Towards Pakistan
Too bad Pakistan can't reciprocate
May 26, 2014

Too bad Pakistan can't reciprocate

The Military Coup in Thailand Is Putting the U.S. in an Awkward Position
May 23, 2014

U.S. law says we must suspend aid to Thailand, but strategic military interests may inspire a more nuanced approach.

John Kerry Could Revive Peace Talks, but Don't Count on It
The U.N. now represents the best hope for a Palestinian state
April 09, 2014

The Obama administration has pursued a strategy of talk for its own sake that, in retrospect, appears to have been feckless.

Republicans and Democrats Are Reversing Roles on Israel
March 31, 2014

You used to be able to find critics of Israel in the Republican Party. Former senators Charles Mathias and Chuck Percy and Representative Paul Findley come to mind.