FOX News

Donald Trump Brought Fox News to Its Knees
August 10, 2015

The four-day war is over, and Trump won.

The Conservative Media Is Frightened of Donald Trump's Power Over the GOP
August 07, 2015

How else to explain their attacks on his debate performance?

Tonight’s Republican Debate Is the Party’s Worst Nightmare
August 06, 2015

The circus is back in town, despite the GOP's promise to learn from the 2012 disaster.

Donald Trump Is Fox News Incarnate
July 21, 2015

Why Republicans can't disown their presidential frontrunner.

Donald Trump Is Not the Frontrunner. Smarter Polls Would Prove It.
July 20, 2015

The problem with the media’s single-choice, horserace polling approach.

How Many Times Has Obama Been "Beneath the Dignity of His Office"?
June 23, 2015

The president used the n-word, and conservative media is appalled. Again.

The Charleston Suspect Is a Racist, But Republicans Claim His Motives Are Unclear
June 18, 2015

Governor Haley: "We'll never understand what motivates anyone to ... take the life of another.” She can't be serious.

Before Fox News, Rupert Murdoch Battled Liberals on Their Own Turf
June 11, 2015

The trouble began when Murdoch bought New York magazine and The Village Voice in 1977.

Sheldon Adelson Turns Israel Into 'The Walking Dead'
May 14, 2015

Behold, the "only zombie democracy in the Middle East"!

The Obamacare Subsidy Challenge Is Built on Fox News Soundbites
February 20, 2015

You Can't Spell "Exchange Eztablished by the State" without BENGHAZI.