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Now The Washington Post Owes Reza Aslan An Apology, Too
August 09, 2013

Last night, The Washington Post published a strongly worded argument about Reza Aslan, the scholar who Fox News pilloried for having the audacity to write a book about Jesus when he is (in the interest of “full disclosure”) a Muslim.

Reza Aslan’s ‘Zealot’ Paints a Vivid, Accessible Portrait of Jesus
July 30, 2013

The paradox of writing about Jesus is that we can only form an idea of him from the scriptures, yet we can only evaluate the scriptures if we have an idea of what he must have been like.

How a Terrible Fox News Interview Became a Traffic Bonanza for BuzzFeed
July 29, 2013

There is much to be said about the interview Reza Aslan did Friday on Fox News’ online show “Spirited Debate.” Aslan, a Muslim writer who converted from Christianity (to which he had converted from Islam) who holds a doctorate in sociology of religio

Erick Erickson, Meet My Wife
May 30, 2013

The truth about female breadwinners.

Slyer Than Fox
March 25, 2013

Phil Griffin is charming and impulsive, a TV savant who built MSNBC into a liberal oasis. But if you think he cares about the future of American liberalism, you’re very much mistaken. 

The Man With the Kind Face
March 20, 2013

Roger Ailes wanted a friendly biography. Author Zev Chafets was the man for the job.

The Ten Oddest Things in the New Roger Ailes Book
March 20, 2013

He's not a bleeding heart, but... Ailes suffered from hemophilia and almost died after he bit his tongue as a pre-schooler. His father rushed him to a hospital sixty miles away.

Roger Ailes's Border War
February 11, 2013

The Fox News CEO wants more Latino viewers. His employees don’t seem to agree.

"She Was Hot and Got Ratings"
January 30, 2013

Sarah Palin and Fox News are splitting up. How well do you remember her time there? Take our quiz.