Franklin Roosevelt

FDR's Secret Weapon for Winning the Presidency
September 11, 2013

FDR's Secret Weapon for Winning the Presidency

Obama Is Still a Terrible Salesman for Obamacare
It's time for a presidential moment
July 30, 2013

We need a serious and sustained presidential conversation with the country about the new health care reform laws—or progressives risk losing ownership of this once-in-a-generation liberal reform.

Obama's Second Inaugural Will Stand the Test of Time
January 21, 2013

Presidents use their inaugural addresses as an opportunity to talk about the future.

Are Democrats Reverting to Wimps?
December 19, 2012

In negotiations over the fiscal cliff and the filibuster, Democrats revert to their natural state: wimpy.

The Most Important Election of Our Lives
November 04, 2012

The case for re-electing Obama--and feeling good about it.

After Abbottabad: Navy SEALs and American Security
October 19, 2012

What's next for Navy's SEAL Team Six?

Proof That Mitt Romney Is A Redistributionist
September 24, 2012

In his 60 Minutes interview, Romney proves he’s a bigger redistributionist than Obama.

Is Obama a “Redistributionist”? Sort of.
September 19, 2012

Barack Obama may be a redistributionist, but he has yet to redistribute any money.

Closing the God Gap
September 06, 2012

The Democrats can close the God Gap tonight. Here's how.

Power of the Incumbent: Why Obama’s Re-Election Would Be Truly Historic
September 06, 2012

If Obama wins in November, we will have the first run of three consecutive presidents who've won re-election since the early 1800s.