free speech

Spain Is Sending This Basque Activist to Jail for Writing an Op-Ed
November 10, 2014

Was his article free speech, or support for terrorism?

The Supreme Court Gives a Subtle Boost to Free Speech
A Secret Service ruling isn't the setback it may seem
May 28, 2014

A Secret Service ruling isn't the setback it may seem.

Indian Intellectuals are Being Bullied by Right-Wing Extremists
A Hindu group sues, a publisher caves, and a nation becomes less free
February 19, 2014

A publisher agreed to pulp a controversial book after right-wing Hindus filed suit. Anyone who cares about free speech in the world's largest democracy should worry.

France Has Charged Bob Dylan With Breaking the Country's Most Ridiculous Law
December 03, 2013

France's law prohibiting "incitement to hatred" is itself an incitement to hatred.

The Right to Evade Regulation
How corporations hijacked the First Amendment
June 03, 2013

How big business hijacked the First Amendment.

The Delete Squad
Google, Twitter, Facebook and the new global battle over the future of free speech
April 29, 2013

Right now the rules of what you can—and can't—say on the internet are being rewritten by twenty-something tech executives. Cross your fingers.