Gen. McChrystal: 'Troublemaker,' Monty Python Fan, Loyal Soldier
October 02, 2009

Newsweek has a long and thorough profile of Obama's man in Afghanistan: At West Point, the younger McChrystal was "a troublemaker," he recalls. He often violated the drinking ban and got caught at it, walking hundreds of hours of punishment drills, pacing up and down a stone courtyard in full-dress uniform, carrying a rifle. As a senior, McChrystal organized a mock infantry attack on a school building, using real guns and rolled-up socks as grenades, and was nearly shot by the military police guarding the building.

Will McChrystal Be the Next Petraeus?
September 16, 2009

A conservative veteran's group wants to make it happen:  Mr. Hegseth, for his part, said his group [Vets for Freedom] planned to use Gen. McChrystal's name and image in all of its mailings about Afghanistan as a way of making him the public face of the Afghan war. The idea draws heavily from the Bush administration, which used Gen. David Petraeus as an effective public surrogate during the Iraq debates. "What we're trying to do here is raise the visibility of Gen. McChrystal," he said.

Pat Buchanan's Revisionist Tendencies
September 04, 2009

Pat Buchanan's most recent column has landed him in a whole mess of trouble. In it, he argues that not enough blame has been put on the Poles and the British for starting World War II, and that Hitler's intentions were largely benign. Of course, this isn't exactly surprising; Buchanan has a long, sordid history of misremembering the war. TNR has been following this for years, and below you'll find some of our most damning reporting on the man. All in the Family (10/02/00).

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot
August 24, 2009

The chief U.S. commander in Afghanistan, Gen. Stanley McChrystal, is reportedly prepared to ask President Obama for between 15,000 and 45,000 additional troops to manage a "deteriorating" situation. One gets the sense people expect Obama to accept something in the middle of that range.