Freaking Out Over Facebook's Egg Freezing Is Just Another Way to Police Women's Choices
October 22, 2014

Isn’t this what we want more companies—and, even more, the federal government—to do?

Study: Hotel Housekeepers Are at Great Risk for Sexual Assault From Guests
October 16, 2014

They work alone in bedrooms and aren't empowered to stand up to guests.

The Washington Post's Sexist Review of a Historian Missed the Point, But So Did Her Defenders
October 15, 2014

And the book's defenders don't seem any less perplexed.

My Terrifying Night With Afghanistan's Only Female Warlord
October 13, 2014

"She killed for hours and stole weapons from corpses. There were bodies everywhere. No man questioned her."

The Straight, White, Middle-Class Man Needs to Be Dethroned
October 10, 2014

How did the straight, white, middle-class take control of our society become our default for everything?

This Alabama Judge Has Figured Out How to Dismantle Roe v. Wade
Tom Parker's writings fuel the biggest threat to abortion rights in a generation
October 10, 2014

Tom Parker's writings fuel the biggest threat to abortion rights in a generation. 

Men Have Depended on the Government for Centuries—So Why Shouldn't Women Do the Same?
October 08, 2014

The new reality: Women without husbands decide elections. 

Gone Girl's Feminist Update of the Old-Fashioned Femme Fatale
October 08, 2014

Commentators who charge Gone Girl with sexism or immorality make the mistake of assuming that its message is literal.