George LeMieux

Four Big Questions About The Senate's Energy Push
July 13, 2010

How many times in the past year have journalists written some variant of, "Hey, we should be getting an energy bill sometime in the next week"? Too many to count, right? So it's probably unwise to make any bold predictions this time around. But Senate Democrats do seem to be getting closer to unveiling a brand-new energy bill, with the aim of getting it passed before the August recess. What's going to be in it? Well, that's the tricky part. No one knows for sure. Harry Reid's office is trying to cobble something together this week, and there's a lot of guessing.

Oil Spill Not Changing Many Minds In Congress
May 10, 2010

So is the Gulf spill actually changing anyone's mind about offshore drilling? It depends where you're looking. In Florida, sure, it is. A handful of conservative state legislators have recently been rethinking their pro-drilling stance. Charlie Crist, who's running for the U.S. Senate, is now rethinking drilling. And, as Brad Johnson notes, GOP State Rep. Greg Evers was once a huge fan of putting up new rigs right near the Florida panhandle shore. Post-spill, though, he's starting to think the risk to the state's beaches isn't worth it: "You have to understand: this is our way of life.

Tallying Up The Climate Bill Fence-Sitters
October 21, 2009

Darren Samuelsohn dusts off the crystal ball and tries to figure out if the climate bill can garner 60 votes in the Senate. By his count, there are now 67 senators in play—that includes 43 likely "yes" votes (including the two Maine Republicans, Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins), 17 dithering Dems, and seven Republican fence-straddlers: Lindsey Graham, Lisa Murkowski, John McCain, George Voinovich, Richard Lugar, Judd Gregg, and George LeMieux.

Florida's New GOP Senator Is An Environmentalist--But For How Long?
September 01, 2009

Last Friday, Florida Governor Charlie Crist tapped his former chief of staff, George LeMieux, to serve out the remaining months of Mel Martinez's Senate term. This is the same Senate seat, of course, that Crist himself is gunning for 2010, if he can just fend off a GOP primary challenge from Marco Rubio. Now, Crist is one of those rare environmental Republicans, and he'd be a decent bet to vote for a climate bill if he were sitting in the Senate right now. So what about his chief of staff?