Global Warming

Obama's Environmental Policies Don't Deserve Paul Krugman's Praise
October 10, 2014

Yes, he's done more on climate change than any president. That means nothing.

This Diagram Could Hold the Key to Fixing Our Ailing Planet
September 17, 2014

It organizes and prioritizes everything we need to do to fix climate change. 

'Energy Independence' Will Destroy the Planet
U.S. politicians are fooling themselves on climate change
September 15, 2014

When are people going to wake up?

We're Stuck With the Global Warming "Hiatus" Myth for Years to Come
August 25, 2014

And no amount of science can convince the deniers.

Global Warming Is Just One of Many Environmental Threats That Demand Our Attention
August 22, 2014

Environmentalists are ignoring poor countries' needs.

Republicans Probably Won't Force a Shutdown Before the Election. But After?
June 20, 2014

History and reason both suggest Republicans won't shut down the government before the election. They'll wait til after.

Republican Says Dinosaurs Killed by Climate Change, Omits Giant Asteroid
June 10, 2014

Yes, dinosaurs went extinct due to changes in the climate, but those changes were because a city-sized asteroid slammed into the Earth. 

The Obama Climate Plan Isn't a Problem for Democrats. It's a Problem for Republicans.
June 04, 2014

Come 2016, there's a decent chance that the EPA's proposal will place Republicans in the very bind they hoped it would create for Democrats this year.

Why Enviros Are Saying Such Nice Things About the New EPA Rules
June 02, 2014

They say it's a big deal in the fight against global warming—substantively and symbolically—even if there's a lot more to do.